Let’s talk about it – Express yourself

Kagiso Segone, lets talk about it
Kagiso Segone

We, as human beings, have been blessed with the gift to express one-self, but we afraid.

People were born to communicate and use our communication to socialise. It is up to the individual to chose how they socialise with others and the kind of relationships they build through their associations.

You have to maximise your socialisation skills to express yourself properly, because we are sometimes overcome by not being able to express ourselves.

I have learned that, when you are too quiet, you end up with emotional overload and, at a point, we may become depressed. I have figured out that the best way to deal with depression is to express yourself, never withholding feelings that may lead to a build-up of inner turmoil and even irrational actions.

People should learn to use their communication skills. It is one thing to talk, but your choice of words could either build someone up or destroy them. You can express yourself in more than one way and it is often about being open with yourself or people around you. It allows you to let people in and it makes it easier for others to know you. It may be very difficult to make someone talk but when you have that ability, things become much easier.

Through self-expression, you can reach, and teach others to express themselves. Some people struggle to communicate their feelings to such an extent that they may become aggressive, lose their temper and even injure others. You must speak your mind in order to feel free – that is why it is called “freedom of expression”. We have to be able to express ourselves freely if there is such a thing as freedom.

One must find ways to ‘spit it out’, whether through poetry, music or dance. We could also express ourselves through fashion and even through the way we walk. A person’s pace and movements indicate whether they are in hurry or relaxed, lazy or tired. In simple terms, expression is in everything we do and we are constantly seeking to express ourselves.

The important thing is how we choose to express our inner-self. Some people choose violence, but, before we reach that point let us learn to express those feelings in a better way. We, as very complex beings, must constantly analyse ourselves to see how we can improve our lives.

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