Let the fight be fair!

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“A coward dies many times before its actual death.” Floyd Mayweather beat Conor McGregor on a technical knockout (TKO) in their fight recently and I believe they fought fairly. The pair prepared themselves, they had a date, a place, a set time, they agreed on what the eventual prize would be and lastly, the rules for the fight were set.

That Mayweather won the fight against the big-mouthed McGregor is old news. Over the weekend another political scandal emerged when a newspaper asked for clarity around the alleged relationships between deputy president Ramaphosa and eight women. Reports are that the deputy president has denied having affairs with these women. He has admitted to having an affair, but he says he told his wife eight years ago and then ended the relationship. Ramaphosa says he was warned a few months ago of a smear campaign against him by officials who refused to be part of it.

Politics aside, first this!This Monday we had a seriuos discussion with my colleagues Bra Zach and Bra Lazzy, about what I call ‘dirty fighters.’ To me this term refers to persons who would be ‘having a fight with you’, without your knowledge or digging in your past to try and find some ‘dirt’ to destroy you just for the fun of it or even go around rubishing your name to their advantage. The message is clear here; if there is to be a fight, let the opponent know for him to prepare him/herself. Don’t claim victory when you apparently ‘defeated’ a person that was not even interested in the fight or your lousy self for that matter. I call such people cowards.

In a soccer field a striker’s job is to score goals and a goalkeeper’s is
to prevent them from doing this. The two players from respective clubs go onto the field, knowing what is expected of them. If you have not received the message here from all this, you are living in Dreamland! The ANC December presidential elections are nearing and it seems that the gloves are off. As Barry White sings with his bass-baratone on my sound system, I sing along with him… “I am waiting patiently”.
Lerato wa ha Serero…

Lerato Serero

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