The storm is brewing!

Nkutšoeu Motsau


Nkutšoeu Motsau (Chairperson of Azanla MVA), writes:
The former Premier of KwaZulu, Senzo Mchunu, refers to the faction of the ruling party that ousted him from office, as “thugs, murderers and assassins.” He says he himself has survived several attempts on his life. He says he can be killed at any time. How many people were killed before, during and after the last local government elections in KwaZulu? How many have been brought to book for these killings? Members of the Tripartite Alliance have been maimed and killed! The flamboyant Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, lamented that comrade Magaxa, a councillor, “was killed like a dog!” His car was riddled with bullets. At his funeral, one young mourner declared that he was killed because he opposed corruption. The members of the ruling party live in fear! This is the ruling party that promised us peace and safety.

They proclaimed that peace and safety was the sine qua non of the reconstruction and development of our country and people. Now prominent leaders of the ruling party routinely cry out that the party is terribly infested with criminals and counterrevolutionaries. We are daily bombarded with exposés of massive looting of the state. Criminals hijack trucks delivering medicines and drugs to hospitals and clinics! Ambulances carrying patients are hijacked! People are robbed and killed early in the morning on their way to work. School nurses are robbed in the schools where they are working. Women and children are killed on a daily basis. Where is the peace and security? If they themselves live in fear, can they provide peace and security for the people?

Now, Cyril Ramaphosa, with his eyes firmly set on the presidency of the country is promising us that once he is president those who have stolen from the government will have to bring back the money they stole. Why must that happen after he has become the president? Why does the ruling party not make them bring back the stolen money now? They know the criminals very well. Why don’t they arrest them now? They know the murderers and assassins, why don’t they arrest them?

Rather than serving the people, they are busy amassing wealth to enrich themselves and their families, whilst dispensing patronage to their friends and cronies. Look at how they brazenly flaunt their ill gotten riches: they wear very expensive designer clothes, shoes and jewellery, they carry two expensive cell phones, they are driven in expensive cars, they own large luxurious country holiday homes and villas. Look at what they are doing to the state owned enterprises. Look at the salaries that they pay themselves. Look at the bonuses that they grant themselves. They loot the public purse with reckless abandon. And the majority of the people are living below the poverty datum line!

I hope that the ruling party is closely watching and learning from the developments in Zimbabwe. They have wantonly squandered the political goodwill that the majority of our people invested in them. Physician, heal thyself! I fear the fury of the storm that is brewing in the distant horizon!

22 November 2017

* The writer of this column, Nkutšoeu Motsau, was born in Top Location in the Vaal Triangle in 1953. He grew up in Sharpeville. He is a tetraplegic as a result of a car accident in July 2005 in Sharpeville and now resides in Cape Town, but still feels a deep rooted connection with the Vaal. Nkutšoeu is Chairperson of Azanla MVA.

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