Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Nkutšoeu Motsau


By Nkutšoeu Motsau (Chairperson of Azanla MVA)
The press, both the print and digital, is at it again. They want to create euphoria around Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the ruling party and later of South Africa. Something which they did with distinction during the stage-managed release of Nelson Mandela from prison. They are holding him out, and trying to foist him down our throats as some kind of a benevolent capitalist giant with a big new broom in his hand, ready to sweep corruption off the face of South Africa. How often have we heard members of the ruling party boasting that they are responsible for the revelations of the corruption of the ruling party? Now we are expected to celebrate this!

Year after year, for three or four years after he became the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma promised and predicted that unemployment was going to be reduced. This never happened, instead, unemployment grew in leaps and bounds, and he gave up all the talk about creating jobs. Now Cyril Ramaphosa climbs to the top of the parapet and invites foreign investment to come and create jobs in South Africa, he has even gone to the World Economic Forum to do the same. All his predecessors, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma toured the West with a begging bowel for Foreign Direct Investment in vain.

The Americans voted for Donald Trump because the economy of the USA is in dire straits and he promised them “America first!” Unemployment is a big problem in the USA. Look at Detroit, a city in whose heydays boasted a population of 2 million; it now has about 800,000 residents and many empty houses that are now inhabited by wild dogs which were left there by previous owners. Detroit was the capital of car manufacturing companies. They have all closed shop and left town. Now Volkswagen is the biggest car manufacturer in the United States. Mazda and Toyota have just moved in the south. America is now importing washing machines and solar panels from China and South Korea. It has imposed a 50% tariff on these products to protect its own manufacturers! Its companies have moved to China and other Asian countries where there is cheap labour and a very big market!

The Germans have not been spared. Some top end Mercedes-Benz engines are now being manufactured in China. The Chinese successfully twisted the arm of the Germans to agree to manufacture the Mercedes-Benz engines outside Germany. The Chinese were not happy with assembling body parts only, they insisted on manufacturing them in China, using Chinese raw materials; and learning from the technology. The French president has just returned from a trip to China. Foreign Direct Investment does not go where there is a Cosatu and expensive labour.

Cyril Ramaphosa is a big shot. The man has got about 5,000 million Rands in his pocket. He went to Davos only to brush shoulders with other big shots like him and taste wines. I hope he will learn, whilst there, about what happened to an American gymnastic coach who abused women and sexually molested children. The women’s league of the ruling party truly baffles me. Why are they quiet about the history of a man they know to abuse women. Or, is the abuse of women, according to them, trivia?
* The writer of this column, Nkutšoeu Motsau, was born in Top Location in the Vaal Triangle in 1953. He grew up in Sharpeville. He is a tetraplegic as a result of a car accident in July 2005 in Sharpeville and now resides in Cape Town, but still feels a deep rooted connection with the Vaal. Nkutšoeu is Chairperson of Azanla MVA.
‎27 ‎January ‎2018

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