What sayeth the lord about submission in marriage?

Pastor TL Mashiloane

Marital Submission is one of the most resisted concepts the Bible teaches, simply because of a faulty understanding of its meaning.

Marital Submission is when a wife voluntarily and willingly chooses to submit herself under her husband’s leadership and authority, in their marital relationship.

According to 1 Corinthians IT:3, the man is the head of a woman, therefore the position of the husband as a leader is biblical.

Some wives fail in the area of marital submission because they feel that it is degrading and unfair. This is ot course a wrong view of what marital submission is. According to Ephesians 5:22, a wife is actually submitting to God by submitting to her husband. It therefore pleases God when a wife submits to her husband as it is a sign of humility on her part.

Submission does not mean a wife is inferior to her husband. Both arc created in the image of God and therefore have equal worth. It is wrong for a husband to force his wife to submit to him. The wife is not a maid, an employee or a child, and is not to be abused in the name of submission. She must freely share her ideas and opinions with her husband and must not simply agree with evervthing her husband says. If she does she may end up agreeing to sin. The will of Christ must always come before the will of the husband.

{Colossians 3:18} ” Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the I.ord.


My advice for married couples is that they must always thrive towards unity and having a peaceful home. When a wife really loves her husband and pleases him by submitting to him, there will be peace in the marriage. Husbands on the other hand must love their wives wholeheartedly.


Heavenly Father, 1 pray for married couples. May you fil1 all husbands with love for their wives. May you touch and transform all wives and help them in this area of submission to their husbands, as you havc called them to do so. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I pray. AMEN.

Pastor TL Mashiloane has been married for 19 years. He is the presiding pastor of two Full Gospel Church assemblies, City of Love & Restoration in Sasolburg and Faith fabernacle in Viljoenskroon.

For further advice and counselling contact Pastor Mashiloane on 082 579 4595

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