Khawe deploys former top cop George Fivaz as Emfuleni corruption-buster

National Police Commissioner George Fivaz

As reported in Vaalweekblad – 7th March 2018

By Craig Kotze

It’s all-out war against corrupt and incompetent officials at the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) – but also on the corrupt business elements who have dealings with them, according to plans revealed by Executive Mayor Jacob Khawe last week.

Khawe partly lifted the veil on some elements of his strategy to fight corruption, theft, sabotage and maladministration – including deploying Nelson Mandela’s former top cop to ruthlessly combat graft by both officials and business alike. Khawe also intends uniting all sectors within Emfuleni in the fight against “crime and grime”through holding an anti-corruption summit soon and developing joint plans to fight corruption within ELM and the business sector.Lie detector tests, intensive lifestyle audits, vetting and performance contracts would also be amongst the measures used to put a new and clean executive team in place in the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) in coming months, Khawe revealed last week.

Undercover intelligence operations will also be used to identify corruption and patronage networks within both ELM and business community, Vaalweekblad has learned.

Khawe made a surprise announcement last week to deploy former National Police Commissioner George Fivaz – and to hold an Emfuleni anti-corruption summit in April. Fivaz owns a forensics and risk company and has extensive contacts not only in the SA Police Service and the South African intelligence and security community, but also at national government level.Fivaz, directly appointed by President Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s first police chief under democracy in 1995 – is widely seen as incorruptible and trustworthy by all sectors and communities, being the only National Commissioner to complete his term with a flawless record. Khawe’s planned anti-corruption summit – which would also involve Fivaz – was aimed at uniting all civil society sectors and business in a coordinated strategy to fight corruption and maladministration on a sustainable basis in Emfuleni, he said.

This was unexpectedly revealed at a press conference convened by Khawe Friday last week to announce a new settlement with Eskom, which had threatened to cut off bulk power to Emfuleni this week.

Khawe also announced a new streamlined and cost-saving top structure for ELM as well as a series of integrity and anti-corruption measures designed to keep them honest and diligent. Attributing ELM inefficiency to “indiscipline”, Khawe said the entire structure of ELM with 32 departments would be looked at after a new top executive structure was advertised this past weekend and appointed after due processes.The number of executive director posts would also be reduced for an annual saving of at least R4million, he said.

The new top structure of ELM – which would hopefully be in place within months – would also be expected to sign performance contracts as well as be subjected to intensive lifestyle audits, vetting and even voluntary polygraph lie detector tests.

Similar measures could also be taken then at all levels within ELM and a major effort would be made to focus on employee motivation, Khawe said.


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