Sedibeng football must look deeper into its soul!

Zacharia Nale - Sedibeng Ster, Editorial Department: Sport.



By Zacharia Nale

We can say whatever we want to say about NWU Vaal FC having failed this region at the Safa Regional Play Offs that ended over the weekend.

The problem is not NWU Vaal FC but the standard of football in the Safa Sedibeng SAB League. TOUCHLINE has said this before, that the standard of football in Safa Sedibeng SAB League is a big concern in the development of football in this region.

For the past three seasons no teams have been promoted in the ABC Motsepe League after the likes of VUT FC got relegated.

To make thing worse, Vaal Professionals FC and Orange Vaal Professionals FC have had to buy status from other teams.

That is why, today, they campaign in the ABC Motsepe League.

If these two teams didn’t buy these statuses, TOUCHLINE doubts that Sedibeng would have a team in the ABC Motsepe League. NWU Vaal FC’s failure to gain promotion in the ABC Motsepe League is not an individual problem, It is Sedibeng football’s problem.

This is something that has to do with the development of football in this region. TOUCHLINE challenges all the people who are involved in the development of football in this region to look deep into their souls  and ask themselves how best they can improve the standard of football here at home.

TOUCHLINE must say, some of the things that affect the standard of football in this region are tournaments that take place without being sanctioned.

Development coaches, teams, owners and players are only interested in football when it is time for these tournaments to take place.

For example, it is that time of the Winter Soccer Tournament and everyone is focusing on this tournament.

Now and then players ask when the tournament is starting.


It is sad because they never ask when the league is starting.

However, TOUCHLINE does not blame them.

I blame their coaches because they take tournaments more seriously than the league. So in case you are about to blame NWU Vaal FC for failing this region – we must look deep into our souls to find out why they did not gain promotion.

The problem is the standard of our football – especially in the ABC League.

Some of the teams don’t even deserve to play in SAB League because they don’t honour the league’s fixtures or matches, especially away games.

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