A health bomb ready to explode

One of the overloaded ILLEGAL refuse dumps in the Vaal Triangle. This one is situated in Stephanopark (Emfuleni)

Dr Alan Pittendrigh of Vereeniging writes:

It has been suggested that residents fill in pot holes in the roads. Most residents neither have the skill nor knowledge to successfully perform this service or even the spare cash to purchase the necessary materials.

In any case this is one of the many services for which we pay our rates. Next thing we will be admonished to repair the leaking water and sewerage reticulation systems or even load up our wheel barrows and take our refuse to the rubbish dumps! What rubbish dumps?

Persons advocating such measures should come down to earth from their ivory towers and face the awful truth.

Visit Duncanville or Arconpark where there once was an immaculate municipal rubbish dump and view today’s disaster. Take a ride around our towns and the surrounding townships and view the decaying rat infested growing dumps of rubbish in the streets.

Try to find the old immaculate dumps in Duncanville or Arconpark and experience the shock of your life. No! our potholes are not the most important items.

The threat to our public health is not just an inconvenience but a serious health bomb which is soon to explode and represents a potential danger to the health of all of us.

The local authority which is responsible for such service delivery must be made to carry out the responsibilities for which we pay our rates or else must be evicted from power and replaced by an effective local authority at the next municipal elections.


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