Where there’s a mouse, there might be a snake!

The mini-dump in Arconpark.

Marius Heunis of Vereeniging writes:

I wish to complain about the greater Vereeniging refuse dumps.

I stay in Arconpark in Vereeniging and for about three months the mini dump is just getting bigger and bigger. Nothing is done to transport the refuse about 15 kilometers to the main dump.

I was there on Saturday May 19 at around 10:00 and the stench was overwhelming. I could not even open my car’s windows because there were so many flies.

As I was offloading the rubbish I saw a mouse and rat infestation which is really alarming because where there are mice there might also be snakes. To crown everything this dump is next to a primary school and in the middle of the suburb.

I sent an email to the Emfuleni Manager but from previous experience thought this must be addressed to Vaalweekblad and Ster as well.

I spoke to other people I know and they claim the same things are happening where they stay in different suburbs in Vereeniging and Vanderbijlpark.

I trust this will also be alarming for Vaalweekblad and Ster, and request an early investigation before this gets out of hand.

* We received numerous similar complaints from other residents. We took photos of the horrendous state of some of these dumps and reported the situation to Emfuleni a well. Editor.

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