Sedibeng Ster Sports brings back football memories

Vuyo Bhavuma (9) is the young man with big dreams to one day play either for Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates.

EVATON. – Sedibeng Ster Sports embarked on a roadshow over the weekend to visit historical football soccer grounds in townships. Sedibeng Ster Senior Journalist – Zacharia Nale – visited one of the popular soccer grounds in Evaton Central, known as the Evaton Ocean Stars FC dusty soccer ground.

It was a trip down memory lane to watch some of these up-and-coming youngsters showcasing their talent with some of them playing bare-foot while others played with takkies and soccer boots. The soccer ball was too big for them as they struggled to control it. To make things worse, they were playing with a kick-off soccer ball brand, which was heavy for the youngsters.

Despite these circumstances, there was this youngster by the name of Vuyo Bhauma (9 playing as right winger for the Evaton FC. This youngster was marvellous to watch running down the touchline, leaving his opponents sprawling on the ground.

Speaking to Sedibeng Ster, the Ntsele Primary School learner said his dream is to play for Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates. Asked who his favourite player was, he said Thabo Rakhale is his all time favourite player. “I want to play in the PSL one day and, every day when I come from training, I train alone before the rest of the team. I always watch soccer on TV and even watch interviews of those big stars in the world, and they say through hard work you can achieve anything,” said this little maestro.

While in the middle of the interview, a former great Konda “Man” Lesito, arrived and told Sedibeng Ster Sports how the Evaton Central community used to pack the venue to capacity to watch Evaton Ocean Stars FC playing, especially him as he was one of the best players in the team.

He was well known for passing the ball with heels much to the delight of soccer fans. His dribbling skill was unique as he used to point the ball with his finger to dribble pass his markers. Speaking to Sedibeng Ster Sports, Lisito said, I always tell these boys how we used to make the community happy on Sunday afternoons. Look, “The Great” (as he refers to this journalist – Zacharia Nale), you know, you’re one of the players I played with on this same ground. I have many memories here and I could write a book about the good old days, when football was the only thing we knew. I’m happy that there are still teams that use this historical ground to revive football in this region.”

In the beginning, Evaton Ocean Stars FC was a household name in Evaton, especially playing against rivals such as Junior Rovers FC, City Rumblers FC, City Stars, Evaton Hom Sweepers, and Conti FC, Mighty Flowers FC and Aston Villa FC to mention but few.

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