Gogo invades land

Kati Beauty Ntaba (65) has invaded empty land in Evaton West. Photo: Lazarus Dithagiso

EVATON.  –  The issue of illegal land invasion is fast becoming the talk of town in Sedibeng. Sixty-five-year-old Kati Beauty Ntaba of Evaton West has joined the chorus.

Her windowless, single, matchbox shack is erected a few metres away from the Golden Highway:
“My main hope rests on Julius Malema speaking of radical transformation.” The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has talked about land expropriation without compensation at length and the government has started to listen.
“Malema said we should occupy what was taken from us by the old regime.” Ntaba said her dream of owning an RDP house has been just that, a dream: “My dream of owning an RDP house was born the moment the apartheid regime was abolished.
“I took part in the vote against apartheid, aiming to restore dignity to impoverished have-nots.
“Once the ANC took over, I was under the impression that the doors to free housing, water and electricity would open wide. But for the past years, the ANC has failed to live according to its mandate.”
Sitting in her illegal shack, Ntaba told Sedibeng Ster that if the Ward Councillor, Nomsa Mooi, has the God-given power to evict her, “we will meet in heaven, I won’t be evicted without a fight. Our leaders seem to never have experienced the struggle. We have no change in our lives to show for years of struggle.”
She pointed out a few illegal churches also squatting in the same area. “ If I am not safe then we are all not safe. The priests should not think their hands are clean. We all know they have also bribed councillors to obtain stands.”
Ntaba said she is ready for the Red Ants to evict her. The Proportional Representative (PR) Councillor of the EFF, Tony Monyembane said that Ntaba should not ‘press the panic-button’. No-one will be evicted unless it starts with illegal churches and tuck- shops.”
The community is aware of the recent statement by President Cyril Ramaphosa, warning invaders that he would not allow a situation in which land is simply grabbed at will.

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