Sewage overflow reported in many Emfuleni Wards

One of the stinking sewage spills in a resident's yard at GH Franz Street, CW 4, Vanderbijlpark. Photo: Stanley Coetsee

An extremely unhappy resident of Vanderbijlpark’s CW4 area writes:

Currently there is a huge problem with the service delivery regarding sewerage repairs in the town. Many main sewers are blocked and raw sewerage is flowing into people’s yards and properties. All over the town children are playing in this sewerage. Is it fair that our children must now endanger their health by playing in this sewerage because “civil servants” would rather think up excuses instead of actually thinking how to repair the problem? Excuses that are given are:
· No petrol for the bakkie
· To many jobcards to attend to
· Only 1 bakkie and 2 people to do all the jobs.
· The reference number has been closed (days before it was even registered!)

There have been so many complaints to the municipality and nothing gets done. All that is received is reference numbers and excuses. We have even had private plumbing companies, such as Drain Surgeon, out but theyhave told us they are not allowed to work on the municipal sewer system.

Please can anyone help with this crisis in waiting or must we wait until a cholera outbreak occurs?

Why are we paying our rates and taxes monthly and receiving no service delivery in return. The community is so desperate to have a town that is clean and things actually work that our next e-mails will unfortunately have to be sent to the media including major newspapers and Carte Blanche.

Can we not stand together in this province and address the urgent need for services to be delivered on time and with the dignity and respect expected for the people that actually pay the municipal employees salaries.
I hope that this e-mail will receive the urgent attention that it deserves. Rubbish in certain areas of the town has not been collected in months, resulting in an explosion of the rat population.


Councillor Yvonne Coertze of Emfuleni’s War 9 writes in response tot the email above:
I have helped the resident to report this situation more than once. I have also reported sewerage overflow in Jan Cilliers Street and vicinity more than once.Peacehaven is literally under sewerage.
There is also a big sewerage overflow in Leeuhof!

This, together with the refuse that is not removed, poses a health risk to our community and is totally unacceptable.


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