FTTH: Optic fibre now connects the Vaal to the world!

For the past 13 years Marius Jackson and his team from Megasurf and Megafibre are assisting the Vaal Triangle and surrounding areas to get “connected”.
The company was founded in 2005 when Marius indentified local farmers’ need for wireless internet.
As his clients’ need for more advanced technology grew, so did the company, says Marius.
A new addition to the available services is FTTH, an abbreviation for Fibre To The Home. With FTTH one can get ultra-fast optical fibre right into your home, office or building. For those of us who get confused by terms such as broadband, XDSL, ADSL and high-speed bandwidth, FTTH can be described as flexible, hair-thin strands of glass fibre that transmits data in the form of light. In other words, it can literally transmit data at the speed of light. It’s a fact that with all available current technologies and solutions to access the internet, FTTH is the fastest and most reliable access solution.
Mobile connections are much slower than FTTH, especially if there are a number of users in the same area sharing the available network. Satellite connections are also much slower than FTTH because they entail a delay which hampers phone conversations and other interactive activities.
Other fixed technologies like ADSL use wires which are about 100 times slower than optic fibre to connect your equipment to the city fibre network.
Getting fast internet is actually all one cares about to receive songs, pictures, videos and other data in an instant, or to make affordable video calls to family and friends wherever they are in the world. FTTH ensures that you can work from home just as easily as in the office, catching up with your favourite HD and catch-up TV, watching videos on demand, playing online games with friends, and getting an instant online back-up with data and sharing it with family and friends.
Imagine, with FTTH you can get a movie in minutes even if the kids are on a video call with their grandmother. You can rest assured that this mind-blowing technology is not going to end soon because FTTH is completely future-proof and the capacity is virtually unlimited, says Marius. Several million European homes are already enjoying FTTP and now it is also available to internet users in the Vaal Triangle! 80% of Vanderbijlpark has already been covered, with other roll-outs in the Vaal Triangle planned for the immediate future.
For more information, visit Megafibre at 149 Louis Trichardt Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark, or give Marius and his team a call on (016) 932 2324. You can also visit the website: http://www.megasurf.co.za/

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