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Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is now recognised as an important contributor to good health. Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep contribute to depression, poor concentration, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

The right mattress needs to be comfortable whist still being firm enough to provide good postural alignment.

The Mattress Warehouse provides customers with a wide variety of different mattresses to suit your needs, including Cloud Nine, Sealy, Rest Assured, Restonic as well as Kooi beds.

Let’s take a look at each brand:

Cloud Nine Mattresses

The Cloud Nine Grande I-Sleep – King XL Mattress

The combination of materials used to manufacture Cloud Nine mattresses includes memory foam, polyurethane foam, polyester foam, woven damask, and knitted ticking.

These are not the only things that make this model so superior to other brands if you do a cost comparison. Everything that goes into the manufacturing of these beds is designed to make the beds as comfortable as possible. Why buy elsewhere when you can trust the best bed manufacturer in town.

Cloud Nine Mattresses are designed for a restful sleep when you are sharing the bed with a partner. The Cloud Nine bed uses material that is adjustable so when your partner moves, you are not woken up.


The Sealy Crown Jewel Tiara Medium – Super King Mattress

If you are considering investing in a Sealy mattress, you are not alone. Each year thousands of customers choose to have Sealy mattresses in their homes. Designed with your relaxation in mind, Sealy beds will help you to recover from your day each night and wake up rejuvenated day after day.

Sealy mattresses are brilliantly made every time and there is a bed within this brand that is suitable for your body and your sleep needs. With a bed that supports the alignment of your spine, you will never want to sleep on another bed again.

Rest Assured

The Rest Assured Oxford – King XL Mattress

Every mattress made is designed with your comfort and your support in mind. In order to ensure that your bed will always meet their standards, every component within the bed is manufactured by the team at Rest Assured.

The Infinity range of Rest Assured mattresses are certainly luxurious and they are made from the very best foams and fabrics. These beds are made using the very latest technology, ensuring that you always have superb comfort and value for money.


The Restonic RestCare Dream – King XL Mattress

Not only are Restonic mattresses great quality, not to mention that they are fantastic for providing extra comfort and support, but they are also exceptionally affordable. If you are looking for a cheap bed for sale but not cheap in the sense that it compromises quality, then Restonic is for you.

Restonic mattresses are also the ideal bed for those who are more environmentally conscious. Each bed is manufactured in such a way that it minimises the possible negative effect that it could have on the environment. The waste that accumulates during production is reduced and the cut off materials are repurposed.


The Kooi Superior Pocket Plush – King XL Mattress

Kooi is, first and foremost, a high performance brand, designed for high performance athletes by a high performance athlete.

Kooi provides advanced sleep technology for high performance individuals and their mattress Technology helps active individuals get the best sleep possible to be at their best.

What are you waiting for, get buying!

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