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News coming our way is that the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) together with the Gauteng and national government have developed a response to effectively address the immediate and long term infrastructure challenges that led to the current situation affecting communities.

This was long overdue! I believe the ELM when it says that with the current infrastructure they cannot serve the community’s needs, but hasten to say that something should have been done years ago.

Such a plan (the responsive measures) should have been taken a long time ago. One reason I get the following answer when I engage community members on why they do not pay for their services: ‘There are no services to pay for’.

It is good news that the Executive Mayor of Emfuleni Jacob Khawe is planning a series of engagements with different stakeholders in the next few days. The municipality is confident that the concerns of residents and businesses are being addressed through inter-governmental structures. Good!

It is also said that the municipality shares public concern over the state of water and sanitation infrastructure in Emfuleni. Concern and care should have been taken a long time ago, but I guess it is not too late to salvage whatever infrastructure we might have left, I repeat, we might have left.

ELM says that with the ageing infrastructure of both water and sanitation in Emfuleni, there are programmess being implemented towards reducing the sewage spillages and water losses besides the DBSA infrastructure programme.

I concur that from now on the ELM should try its best (harder) to improve on turnaround times in terms of reported service delivery challenges. As they correctly point out, the people of Emfuleni come first and they should try much harder because people are fed up! Lerato wa ha Serero…


Lerato Serero

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