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TOUCHLINE has being following the Masters’ soccer teams and I must say I’m very impressed with their organisation, especially off the field. Those who follow Masters’ league games will attest with TOUCHLINE that those teams looked more organised compared to most if not all SAB League teams in this region. For example, every weekend TOUCHLINE sees Masters’ soccer teams unveiling new soccer kits or track suits.

But this is not the moral of the story! The moral of the story here is the question – why don’t those Masters soccer teams adopt a neighbouring development soccer team to help them because TOUCHLINE is aware that most junior soccer teams can’t even afford to buy a simple soccer kit. There is nothing wrong with those Masters soccer teams when they look representable.

But my point here is that the very same players who play for those well organised teams have children who are playing for some of the very development teams whose members can’t even afford to buy a decent or even a cheap soccer kit, to say the least.

Just imagine this: As youngsters your fathers come home from their Sunday Masters league matches wearing their Masters soccer team track suits, but your team doesn’t have a complete soccer kit. TOUCHLINE is thinking is that if those Masters’ soccer teams can adopt their neighbouring development teams the standard of our football can only improve. Those youngsters will be motivated to play football.

The very same Masters’ soccer teams’ players were looked after well when they were still young, playing for development teams organised by those who care for the development of football in this region. TOUCHLINE’s plea to those in

Masters’ soccer teams is to stop this “show-off” ploy that only benefits themselves and to help those development teams who need help in their community.

TOUCHLINE doesn’t say Masters soccer teams shouldn’t look presentable – no – my point is that  you guys can help those development teams in your area seeing that they are struggling. It is so sad to see the development teams play with incomplete soccer kits, especially socks and shorts. There is no motivation right there.

Did I hear somebody saying, “Zacharia Nale is crazy – he wants us to spend our money on these Nyaope boys”?

Yet they ended up being Nyaopes because the community they live in neglected them. We contributed to the creation of the so-called Nyaopes in our community. For example, the team that won Mabusumang Tournament. Those players are too young to play for Masters’ soccer teams. Those players must go and play for ABC Motsepe and National First Division League teams. This is cheating! The reason why they came to play for Masters soccer teams is because we buy them alcohol after the games.

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