Grand Heritage Race Day postponed to October 13

Illustration photo: One of last year's participants in the Heritage Day races on the Vaal Race Course. Photo: Annette van Schalkwyk.

The Grand Heritage Race Day that was scheduled to take place at Vaal Race Course on September 29, has been postponed to October 13 to ensure the track is ready for such a super prestigious day.
The organisers say that huge differences in the past weeks’ daily minimum and maximum temperatures made it very difficult to get the field in perfect condition in time.
“While we try our best to ensure that everything is perfect for a big race day, unfortunately, no one has control over Mother Nature. This year she has wreaked havoc at the Vaal Race Course, with varying temperatures in any one day. The Vaal region in particular saw temperatures sinking down to the minus levels in the early mornings, and by 10:00 they were close to 20 degrees. A few mornings experienced severe frost and this did not help the growth and the general going,” the organisers say.
Although the powers that be pulled every trick in the book to try and get the course back to its pristine condition, this was not to be. The well-being of the horse and jockey are paramount when a decision like this needs to be made and unfortunately, the decision has been made to move the eight “normal” races on the day to the Turffontein Race Course.
As for the 28 horse field WSB Grand Heritage and 20 horse-field WSB Grand Heritage Consolation races, these super exciting races will now run on the all wide Grand Heritage on October 13 at the Vaal Race Course.
The organisers say all planning remains the same and they look forward to seeing a huge crowd of Vaalies at the races on October 13 to enjoy the outing with them.
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