Midvaal Hospital geared to assist stroke patients

The entrance to Midvaal Hospital's Emergency Unit.

The Angels Initiative, of which Dr Jackie Goldswain and the Midvaal Hospital staff are passionate supporters, aims to prepare hospitals to be Stroke Ready. This means that Midvaal Hospital is ready to:
* Admit the patient
* Do the scan
* Administer life changing medication
* A door-to-needle-time of less than 60 minutes is provided
The door-to-needle-time is how long it takes the hospital to transfer the patient from the door at the emergency rooms, through the scan, have the examination done by the doctor, until the time of administration of thrombolysis (medicine used in the treatment of strokes). In South Africa the standard door-to-needle-time is 60 minutes. The quicker the better. Midvaal Private Hospital’s record door-to-needle-time has been 9.5 minutes. There is always a disclaimer when it comes to medicine, however, the doctor makes the final decision when it comes to the administration of medicine.
How do you recognise a stroke?
A stroke recognised by using the FAST method.
F – Facial drooping
A – Arm falling, drifting, unable to work
S – Slurred speech, strange speech
T – Time, check the time of the stroke, and get to the hospital immediately
If you suspect you might be having a stroke, get to the hospital as soon as possible and follow this advice from Midvaal Hospital:
“The best way to ensure that we treat you immediately is to phone us while you are on your way and state your expected time of arrival. This will assist us in getting everything ready ahead of your arrival. You may phone the hospital casualty department at (016) 454 6068. The more time you waste in being treated, the more brain function you will lose. A stroke is deemed a PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefit) which means that the medical aid is obliged to cover the full medical costs.
All staff at Midvaal Private Hospital have received the appropriate in-service stroke training by ‘The Angels’. Key staff have received further training at ‘The Angels’’ congresses.”
In 2017 Midvaal Private Hospital partook in a Stroke Awareness Week at River Square. The hospital is planning a similar Stroke Awareness Week at the hospital in October this year. For enquiries on this event, contact Hettie on (016) 454 6022. More information will follow shortly.

Dr Jackie Goldswain

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