Kagiso Segone, lets talk about it
Kagiso Segone

This is one of the most important topics about which I would like to discuss and share.

Communication is necessary to make life easier, but unfortunately it is not realised by many.

So many issues arise because of the lack of effective communication; and that ultimately will lead to chaos in society.

The fact of the matter is that people do not know how to communicate because it is not taught in school and it is a subject I feel should be implemented in our curriculum. Young people need to grow up being taught how to communicate effectively because it will affect them in their adult life either personally or professionally.

Through effective communication one can be able to resolve problems in a much better way and can also be able to socialise with people easier.

One needs to be able to listen with an open mind in order to learn from others.

When you improve your listening skills, you gain some sort of respect from people and they will also listen to what you have to say.

Sometimes we struggle to understand one another because we do not take the time to listen.

It’s as if our minds are dominated by our own opinions.

I do not think there is anything wrong with being opinionated; in fact, I feel it is very good that we all have our own point of view because we can be able to see things differently, which can help to take us forward.

The problem that I have is when one’s thinking clouds their judgement and this causes “war” because everyone thinks they’re right.

Our lives are based on socialising and if we cannot find a common ground we will not be able to communicate effectively.

When we cannot get through to each other it results with us becoming distanced from each other.

Many people are not on good terms today because of miscommunication.

We fail to listen; and when we talk, we fail to get our message across, especially when there is anger involved.

We shout, we scream and move further away from each other.

How do you expect someone to hear you when you shout?

This is not communicating. If you raise a voice to a child, it will not teach them to communicate effectively.

You are supposed to teach a child to talk from a young age and you can be able to connect with them better because they will feel free around you.

In this way they will also become articulate and will able to reason. For instance, when a child does something wrong you do not have to scream at the him or her, all you have to do is just ask the child why he or she did what they did and allow for an explanation.

Children will also learn to communicate with others in a polite way, which will help them build pleasanter relationships in the future.

Let us try to observe how we communicate with others and work on communicating more effectively to resolve our issues.

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