On my mind – Why is it that we can obey the laws set by mankind but not by God?

We’ll do whatever it takes to prevent ourselves from going to jail or getting caught doing something wrong. That is, of course, obeying the law that was
set by mankind. But, why don’t we follow God’s laws that He has set for us? I know there are a lot of opinions on the above question but, if you think about it, most of us follow the laws that were set by mankind, yet only a small number of people follows the law that was set by God. During last week, I went around asking people what they think about it and I received different answers. Why have intercourse before marriage when you know that it states in the Bible that it is wrong? There were various answers to that question and most people said they are not obliged to follow God’s law and that they have the choice to do so. To me, it seems like people have more faith in people than in God. For example, people have more faith in a policeman than they do in God because, they argue, people are more visible. Perhaps it is because the law can put a person in jail, but God has yet to destroy the wicked.

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