The judgment day is near, let’s get ready

Is there still time to go around accusing the ANC-led government of each of its failures? Or is there still time for political debates like that of Motsweding FM last week? Do you still have the energy to cry over spilt milk? Let me tell you something; it does not matter how loud you scream to show people that Merafong City Local Municipality is corrupt or how some people within the municipality misused and/or stole huge amounts of money from the municipality. Do you think the ANC does not know that their people are not running the municipality well? They do, and they don’t care. All they care about is votes to put them in positions of power and then go to the internal process and elect political leaders who will defend those in government who are corrupt. This is a chain and if you are still so naïve as not to see that, you will cry every day on radio and TV interviews. Do you think their provincial and national offices don’t listen to, or watch TV? They do, and when they see and hear what you complain about they call each other and say, “Comrade that young man is dangerous. How do we remove him? If he is left unattended he will cause us trouble.” And just there and then their police friends and prosecutors are called to come up with charges. Don’t you remember what happened to me in 2014 after I told them that we will meet on Election Day at that big white tent in Khutsong? Two weeks was enough; I got arrested and charged with intimidation. Despite this testimony, you still went and exposed yourselves to danger by allowing yourselves to be dragged into that game again. You ran to the community hall just to make noise to the mayor. Let me tell you, everyone who spoke there is in for the high-jump should you continue to be on the mayor’s case. By this, I mean, should any of the issues raised there continue even after that radio interview, the police know where to get you. Please be clever and continue with the campaign to dethrone the ANC in our wards and stop going to imbizos; these are the platforms they use to identify activists and kill them. Can’t you see the ANC is scared? Can’t you see that they want to remove the rightful leaders of Khutsong through imprisonment? Ask me and Chuku and many other young people how the ANC operates. Whatever we say about the mayor, she will never be removed from office. Never! That woman is powerful, firstly because she is a woman and secondly because there has never been a leader in Merafong who knows how to position themselves like her. So, do you see that talking too much is not going to assist you? The only way to defeat the ANC is to meet with as many people in Merafong as possible and ask them to vote for the opposition. We have the upper hand as we are aware that the people of Merafong truly don’t love this woman so let’s use that as a weapon to remove the ANC from power. If not, the people of Merafong are in for a bumpy ride. The elections are coming very soon and we don’t have time to waste. We need to mobilise the community to not return the ANC to power. After all, you know your local leaders. This time, the people of Khutsong must vote for the face and not the party and test the ground. Let’s meet on 3 August 2016. Your vote is your secret and choice, and it is also in your hands. This time, do not throw it away. Lastly, let me take this opportunity and pay my last respects to our fallen hero who passed on last week in a rather bizarre accident. This was a man of action, a man who fought for Khutsong to be developed. He helped and changed the lives of many people of Khutsong. We will always miss you, Mthimba Themba Wisani. Rest in peace, my brother. We will win the next elections for you and we will continue to fight for development in Khutsong.
(This is a letter from a member of the public and does not reflect the Herald’s opinion. The letter has also been edited.)

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