On my mind – What is holding you back from being the person you want to be?

What’s holding you back? We probably all spend time thinking about the things we want in life, but how often do you consider why you have yet to achieve what you want? Maybe you have a desire to change as a person or want to achieve something in your life but something is holding you back. I believe we are here in this world to grow, to expand – to learn and experience and understand. I personally think that growth and discovery are the purpose of life but I also believe that we do get in our own way. Our experiences, our cultures and even our families can create fears and limitations that can hold us back or hold us down. They don’t do this intentionally, of course, it’s just that we’re all doing the best we can in this beautiful, messy, intricate world. I have discovered that we often make a serious mistake in our endeavours to grow, create and experience. You know, not taking your instincts seriously is a problem. Why? Have you ever said “I’m fine” when inside you were hurt or afraid? Or said, “It’s not a big deal” when, in fact, it was
consuming your every waking thought? Or maybe you even rolled your eyes at yourself; told yourself that you were overreacting, or that a comment, dream or feeling didn’t matter. It matters if you have a dream, to start a business perhaps. It really matters that you want more than what everyone else is settling for. It matters that you are upset or unsettled or craving expansion in your life.
It matters because those things are signs that you are not on the right track, signs that some-thing out there is calling your name, signs that you are ready to discover and devour it. And those signs should be taken seriously. Listen to your inner voice; it’s there for a reason.

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