On My Playlist: Top 5 Jeremy Loops songs

Out of the small Cape village of Kommetjie comes one of South Africa’s brightest musicians, Jeremy Loops, who with his indie-folk tunes, has been making the nation and the world take notice for the past few years.
Loops’s music has a fantastic edge with the harmonica and banjo-influenced tunes making everyone dance to the rhythm of his catchy bouquet. His debut album, Trading Change was released in 2014 and was one of the best albums of that year. Loops is currently on an international tour.
5. Down South
This song, featuring Motheo Moleko, has a chilled vibe and is sung at a slower pace than Loops’s others. Its laid-back nature and great lyrical content make it a winner. The chorus is instantly recognisable and the different musical elements in the song such as Moleko’s rapping make it a really unique song, where folk meets rap. It’s all relative in Loops’s world. “I didn’t want to leave you down south when I said that I’d call you and squeeze you a little bit of love,” sings Loops in the chorus. The harmonica solo at the end is also one of the highlights.
4. Trip Fox
The guitar notes at the beginning of this catchy and jumping song make it the great song that it is. This song and music makes me think of road-tripping in the sunshine with friends, enjoying every moment and living life to the fullest. Basically, if you need something to change your mood, give this song a listen. It encapsulates everything good about life, dreams and exploring the world and all it has to offer. The guitar parts are brilliant and, together with the harmonica, create something truly memorable.
3. Lonesome & Blue (feat. Adelle Nqeto)
This duet with Adelle Nqeto, an upcoming SA artist, showcases Loops’s versatility and a different side with this slower number. The lyrics “You were lonesome and blue, you were alone when I met you, say that I’m some predictable fool,” works gret in the choris. The vocals also work together perfectly and showcase the power of love and the loneliness of being without your lover.
2. Running Away (feat. Motheo Moleko)
Mr Moleko, once again, takes centre stage in this love song about a girl and her great physical qualities with a great rhyming verse. The song also goes into the difficulties of relationships and suggests that everything may not always be about physical attraction. Loops’s chorus where he sings “Stop running away from it all,” is also one of the most catchy parts of the song.
1. Mission to the Sun (Howling)
This song introduced me to Loops and blew me away with the great lyrical content and musicality that this man can produce on his own. The trumpet stands out as the star in this song and truly sweetens the deal. The harmonica, once again, makes a valid appearance and adds to the bite of the song. This track makes me happy to be a South African and just happy, in general.

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