Escaping a strike

Winter in South Africa is not only synonymous with crisp mornings but also industrial action.

Land Expropriation without Compensation!

“The only way the Europeans could get this land was by way of conquest, or by use of force, or by destroying the way of life of the Africans so that they should work for them”

Lest we forget

“Blackman what is your epitaph? Blackman where is your cenotaph?”

The workers have arrived!

In 2015, the salary of the Speaker of Parliament was R226 400 a month. With that, you can pay the wages of 65 workers earning a minimum wage of R3 500

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

“The press is trying to foist Ramaphosa down our throats as some kind of a benevolent capitalist giant with a big new broom in his hand…” – Nkutšoeu Motsau

The 54th Conference!

“Despite and in spite of the outcry from within the ruling party that the practice of buying votes must stop it continued in another form”

Local is lekker!

“We can no longer afford a small group of people owning and controlling the means of livelihood whilst the rest of society is turned into toilers”

The storm is brewing!

“I hope that the ruling party is closely watching and learning from the developments in Zimbabwe….”

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