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Let the fight be fair!

To me this term refers to persons who would be ‘having a fight with you’, without your knowledge or digging in your past to try and find some ‘dirt’ to destroy you just for the fun of it or even go around rubishing your name to their advantage.

What Sayeth the Lord about communication in marriage?

Unwholesome talk includes cursing, blaming, accusing, gossiping and lying. These things couples should avoid at all cost, if their marriage is to last. Couples should only speak kind words to one another and these kind words must be accompanied by kind actions.

Miracles through Faith

In this book you will be reminded of the power of God and His love for us.
lerato editor comment

Stop this taxi carnage!

When will the road slaughter end? Every day thousands of runners, cyclists and motorists take to our roads and put themselves at risk because approximately half the vehicles on our roads are deemed to be un-roadworthy!

Xenophobia is both immoral and irrational, says DA

A residential area in Vereeniging also saw houses of immigrants went up in flames in the past few days when residents decided to take the law in their own hands against foreigners whom they accuse of being involved in “drugdealing” and “prostitution”.

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