What’s in a name?

(Very funny but censored!) Think twice before calling your puppy F****r!
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Their faith is weak!

Disgusting and disgraceful! This was all I could say after learning this week that there is a young pastor who claims to heal people with Doom. Of all things, Doom? These young fashion pastors seem to be taking advantage of some of our more gullible citizens.
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Mountains must go to Muhammad!

There is an old idiom: “If Muhammad can’t go to the mountain then the mountain must come to Muhammad!”
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Stop this nonsense!

Initiation schools are as old as Africa itself and for many this has always been a way of life, a ritual that must be completed, however it has lately been turned into a chance for ‘boys’ to turn into thugs and this must not be allowed at all. The scene that took place in Bophelong over the weekend  is proof of this.
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Pit toilets are a disgrace

22 years after the first democratic elections, it is a disgrace that the people of Evaton are still subjected to using pit toilets. The use of these  ‘toilet tsa mokoti’  presents a danger to residents, in particular children.

Easy steps to spring cleaning your insurance policies

Lee Bromfield, CEO of FNB Life says whether it’s a funeral plan or life cover, you need to review your policies at least twice a year. This, he says, is because people’s lives and circumstances change very often for a number of reasons.

On My Playlist: Top 5 Jeremy Loops songs

Out of the small Cape village of Kommetjie comes one of South Africa’s brightest musicians, Jeremy Loops, who with his indie-folk tunes, has been making the nation and the world take notice for the past few years. Loops’s music has a fantastic edge with the harmonica and banjo-influenced tunes making everyone dance to the rhythm…

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