Emfuleni’s poor services mainly due to bad finances

On the income side, ELM has a budget shortfall ranging from R66 million per month in a good month, to R141 million per month in a bad month. On the face of it there seems to be more bad months than good months!

Combined motion of no confidence against Metsimaholo Mayor

The South African Communist Party (SACP) led coalition government in the Metsimaholo Local Municipality is on the verge of collapse as junior coalition partners want to eject SACP Mayor Lindiwe Tshongwe from her mayoral position

Historic breakthrough in Business/ELM cooperation

After months of confrontation, organised business in Emfuleni and the local municipality are on the verge of brokering an historic agreement to cooperate closely on electricity rates, billing and payment issues facing specifically the business sector

Both Lethabo’s options undesireable

If Lethabo is to be closed soon, the Vaal Triangle will lose thousands of precious jobs. If the power station is allowed to operate until 2030, we will have to put up with air pollution for the next 12 years

More Vaal companies scramble to get power direct from Eskom

As more companies in the Vaal scramble to gain reliable power supply directly from Eskom, the Emfuleni business sector last week directly confronted the Executive Mayor saying there was “absolutely no trust” in a local authority “drowning in red tape”

‘Defend your Constitution before it is too weak to defend you’

“So what is this really about? The fact is that the Economic Freedom Fighters do not believe that people should own land, but that the State should own land and people become tenants of the State, subject to the whims and plans of bureaucrats.”

Rand hit threatens fuel price – AA

“The extent and duration of the recent currency weakness will be pivotal in South Africa’s short-term fuel price outlook”

‘Emfuleni at war with itself’

‘As a result of these divisions within the ruling party, the services to the communities become more and more disrupted. Refuse is not collected according to schedule, sewers are overflowing and electricity and water are unstable’ – Cllr Edward Von Bodenstein

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